Dick Dribble an Official Selection at ITV Fest in the USA

DickAndBikerOnBikeGood news! My gritty true crime series has been given even more international accolades. As it should. The wise people at The Independent Television and Film Festival in Dover & Wilmington, Vermont, USA have honoured my show, Dick Dribble: Pro-Baller/Private Eye with an official selection. I’m not sure why it’s been put in the comedy section – must be an administrative error. I shouldn’t blame them.  I can’t help but have a good belly laugh when I see how many times I’ve given basketball-related crime a royal fisting!

Or should I say “pfisting.”

(If you actually watch the show, you’ll get my reference there)

Dick Dribble screens at 6.10pm on Thursday 26 and 2.10pm on Friday 27 October at the Memorial Hall in Wilmington. Which looks like this. In fact, I’ll probably just use all the award money to buy this building so I can move in and watch all my episodes on repeat on the big screen. Memorial_Hall

I’ll be patiently awaiting my awards on September 28, thanks ITV Fest.